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Sales and Marketing for Healthcare and SMEs

Priory Sales & Marketing was established in January 2004 and since then has served many customers , from small companies and start-ups to multinational blue chip companies. The focus is a "Hands On" and practical approach to creating sales momentum.

Projects in Healthcare have been wide-ranging from creating high performing sales teams, managing them and creating a clear focus and motivation from Day One to that of brand and marketing management, whether it be founding the marketing function or managing well known mature brands. Clients have included GSK Consumer Healthcare, SpePharm, BMS, MSD, GE Healthcare, Ashfield In2Focus and Innovex

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1) A Blue Chip Consumer Healthcare Company needed extra help in one of their brand teams to launch a line extension product. This was to be a three month project to launch a line extension. I was asked to do this based on my past work with the company and my knowledge of the marketing process.

After that time the healthcare professional brand manager was promoted to marketing manager and I was asked to cover the post in an interim capacity. This position lasted for 18 months until there was a company re-structure and divisional downsizing. The interim role involved designing/commissioning the promotional sales materials and campaigns, working with advertising and PR agencies and liasing with the two national sales forces for healthcare professionals and pharmacists and providing their promotional materials. The role also included relationships with national opinion leaders. This was a successful project in that Priory Sales & Marketing was initially asked in for 3 months and then was extended for another 18 months. This was at a time when the brand was under much competitor pressure.

2) A Project for a major Blue Chip Consumer Healthcare Company was to finish bringing to market and then launching a pain killer product line extension to health care professionals. Having worked for the company in the past I was asked to undertake this due my knowledge of the marketing environment. The project lasted for 2 years and was then handed over to the main brand team. The scope of work was to complete product licence approval with the DOH (Dept of Health), commission and initiate production, formulate strategy and promotional campaigns and finally launch, which was an "e-launch". There was also an emphasis on the longer term for bringing more product extensions to market for this segment. This was a successfully implemented project, although the Company later withdrew from the health care professional sector with the arrival of a new European business head who decided to follow a more FMCG approach.

3) The project was to work with the MD to establish the new pharmaceutical company in the UK. Specifically, Priory Sales & Marketing was to set up a marketing function. Within 3 months a "virtual" company had been set up with full medical sign off approval for product; launched their first product and built their small specialist sales team (national sales manager and 8 representatives). The project lasted for 9 months when Priory helped recruit their new marketing manager to take over the functions that had been built. This project lasted 9 months in total.

4) This project (undertaken on behalf of Innovex) was to build and manage a secondary care (ie hospital focused) sales team for a secondary care product to compliment an existing team. The new sales force (25 representatives and 4 regional sales managers) was built with the help of a recruitment team. Priory Sales & Marketing was heavily involved with the recruiting and then managed and led them for 12 months before handing over to a headcount national sales manager.


Successful projects have also been undertaken for small local companies. Examples include a small scale sports car manufacturer to self-storage companies.

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1) For a small volume Sports Car Company: The new owners wanted assistance with marketing their new acquisition. This involved market analysis (awkward due to lack of available data in what was effectively a "cottage industry") and formulating a strategy and marketing campaign.

2) A marketing and sales campaign for a local storage company. This proved to show good potential and the business was established and is still going strong after 12 years even with competition from large national competitors.

3) Marketing analysis project for a local letting agency establishing market potential, competitor activity and pricing. The outcome was that the person commissioning the project decided not to follow this option.

4) Marketing analysis and customer identification project for a new company with an innovative wood burner